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Immersion Learning + Travel to Learn

Thinking Out of the Textbook + Applying Learning Language

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United Daily News originated in 1951. In addition to the newspaper enterprise, we have been devoted to the extension of education enterprise. Because of the learning craze of the Chinese language due to the globalization, United Daily News, IQChinese and World Journal cooperate to hold “UDN Fun Mandarin Camp.” This year enter into the eighth session. This camp principally focuses on designing various and practical lessons for Chinese and foreign teenagers.

3 Weeks Immersion Learning

+ 1 Week Travel to Learn

1 Staff Member to 6 Students

Safety is the most important issue to children, so six students will have one staff member to take care of their life and observe their learning problems in the course. Thus, the staff members assist students to improve together.

Coming into Life

Language leaning not only lies in the classroom, but also lies in interaction and communication with other people. Then, children can grow from playing. Following their new friends from different places, they get together to enjoy learning Chinese and bravely make contact with new cultures. Therefore, they re-open their passion for leaning Chinese!

Practical Learning Materials

Before beginning the camp, children have a classification examination so the materials the children use are suitable and have practical contents. Not only different genders but also the cross ages have to cooperate with each other to learn Chinese in this camp.

Learning & Using

The activity mission aims to encourage children coming into life. Children immediately use contents to talk with local people. While children use skills immediately, they will get real feedback.

Travel to Learn

By traveling half-way around the island, children will feel no stress when using their three hundred vocabularies and sixty grammar patterns. Thus, the children’s conversations are not restricted to classroom lessons so that they can interact with local people in real life.

Diverse Abilities

We believe that through all the Chinese lessons and mission activities, it foster students’ abilities of organization, leadership communication, and to have a open mind to experience different cultures.

I think this camp is very fun and I am happy that I got to go to Taiwan! Every place we went we were able to practice Chinese and every activity we did had us learning more and more Chinese vocabulary. It was great to be able to immediately use the Chinese that we learned!

NoraStudent Feedback

Learning to recognize the Chinese characters in a short time while also having to speak during every activity was a lot of pressure, but it was a good way to learn. I loved visiting the night market in Shilin district, Taipei. I got to try out various kinds of food and practice using Chinese to go shopping. It was so much fun!

JoshuaStudent Feedback

A big ‘Thank you’ from us for organizing a wonderful week for the students and taking care of them. We are happy to see that they not only had fun, but also have learnt about Taiwan and its culture ! Thanks again.

MomMom's Feedback

Course Features

We believe that all courses must assist students in preparation of interaction with Chinese native speakers. The courses and mission activities need to be relevant to day-to-day life; The primary goal is to improve Chinese-speaking skills and help students in communicating clearly with confidence. Hereby introduce you 10 special mission activities which arrange after Chinese courses to encourage students to use the vocabulary and sentence patterns they have been learning in a real life.

Memorial book

Children cultivate their five senses to record their moods and write down their thoughts about everything. Children also can use technologies to produce an exclusive memorial book by using iBuild to record their adventure journeys and sweet memories.


The unique “Type to Learn” method of learning Chinese courseware can effectively assist children to recognize the Chinese character, correct their pronunciation, so they can easily improve themselves in a fun way.

The Secret Chamber Game

We specifically arrange a laser gun competition to promote children’s friendship and sense of unity. The Living Mall simulates a war in a Middle Eastern city, and by using realistic story plots of ten types of exciting and various mission contents, the children complete the realistic mission with the help of the coach’s instruction.

Cooking Class

Children use ingredients and kitchenware to experience and learn language in a professional and safe cooking space. We hold a competition with a time limit to stimulate children to ask the assistance of passersby in the supermarket, and request them to help the children to purchase the correct ingredients. After the competition, children will return to cook the food in the classroom and share their thoughts.


Taiwan has various beverage stores. Just tea alone has dozens of choices, and children can follow their own taste to adjust the amount of ice and sugar. After children learn the basic vocabularies in the morning class, they can go to a real beverage store to order their exclusive drink.


We encourage students to challenge themselves while learning. Through the activity of half-day manager, children can face different customers, deal with customers’ problems and can bravely solve different situations.

Board Game Dixit

Children use their imagination to play the role of a storyteller and follow the picture cards to say the correlated words, such as a vocabulary, a sentence or making a sound. Therefore, playing this game can let children develop their imagination, use Chinese and exercise their wits to win the game.


We hope children will not forget their original intentions. Hence, children have to write their anticipations about the future and go to the post office to send the future letter. After one year, the future letter will return to the children at unexpected time; this letter may urge them to make progress to complete their dream.

Practicing Taijiquan

Apart from visiting the first Confucius Temple in Taiwan, a Taijiquan master will teach the children relaxation, tranquility, and slow movement. Through learning the Kung Fu movements, students can express their body parts in Chinese, and realize the combination of nature, history, buildings, and martial arts.

United Daily News Host Broadcast

Students will pick their own topic, write the draft, and report the news at a real news report studio in Chinese! Students will learn how to present in Chinese with their confidence and create an unforgettable memory ever in the summer!

Complete Services

Faultless and detailed arrangements, visible learning results.



We recommend you to apply a tourist visa for your children if needed. We can advise you on how to apply if you require our assistance.

Airport pick-up / drop-off Service

The Airport pick-up / drop off fee is not included in the price. Cost is USD50 one trip. Single trip can take up to two people. UDN requires your flight information at least 14 days before your arrival in Taiwan.

Making New friends

Come to meet different countries’ classmates via Line and say hello to everyone.

Go! Traveling!

Getting a free Chinese learning courseware, Go! Traveling includes various useful sentences for traveling. 

Travel Preparations

We offer the transportation information from airport to Taipei, the weather conditions, packing lists, and special points.

Member Profile & Pre-Class Need Assessment

Completing the pre-class need assessment before your children departure, the questionnaire will enable us to understand their Chinese level.

 In Taiwan


We provide accident insurance cover for all our students. The coverage for 14 years old and above is NTD 5,000,000; and the coverage for 14 years old and under is NTD 2,000,000. You may purchase any additional.

24 Hour Care,  Supervision & Security

If at any time, day or night a student is worried, feels ill, or has a problem or question, or requires any assistance or information, they are able to ask any member of staff team, all staffs will be very pleased to provide the assistance.


Nutritious menu is special designed by professional dietitian. Eat healthy to restore strength and prepare a clear mind for studying.


Accommodation in shared dorm /hotel rooms under supervision of counselors. All bed linen is provided but children will need to bring their own toiletries and towels.

Sharing the Journey

Aside from sharing pictures on FB, teachers similarly will offer a report of the children’s learning situation every week so that parents can understand their pleasure and learning.

Activity Schedule

Using Line Notes, students know the day’s schedule and can search the schedules of other days.

Language Learning

Teachers use mission activities to relate teaching topics, so children can learn vocabularies and grammars naturally and immediately get feedback.

After program

The Future letter
& warmest Caring

The future letter will come to the children when they don’t expect it. They can examine their wishes progressively.

More Discounts

If the children participate in the camp again, they can have the Old Pal’s discount.

Experiential Sharing

We welcome children to become a UDN ambassador to share their camp experiences and earn the best prizes and other learning software.

keep Contact

Our service will not finish after the camp is over; please keep in contact!

Go! Chinese gives the children Non-stop learning

After the course, children can continue to use the learning courseware Go! Chinese which extends the children’s language learning.



  • Room with 2/3 standard single beds or 2 double beds
  • Separate bathing and grooming facility
  • free wifi / TV / Phone
  • Hair dryer / Electric kettle / Refrigerator
  • Bath products / Slippers


We focus on language learning which offers various designs.Regardless of getting together with classmates, going to visit landscapes, participating in mission activities during class or after the class, these activities assist children to use what they learn.

–  Mission Activity  –

–  Chinese Lesson  –

–  Cultural Experience Activity  –


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–  Register fee + Learning materials  &  Text books  –
–  Meals  &  Accommodations  &  Transportation  –
– Day & field trip +  Insurance & Miscellaneous expenses  –

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