Windows OS Registration System is Under Maintenance!

Dear Value Customers,

Our Windows OS registration system is under maintenance.
Therefore, there is a temporary solution for you to install and register the courseware on Offline Register.
Please follow the “Step 1, 2, 3” below with online. You will get “Offline Register Code”, please write it down and type into the bar.
Then, click “Next” to proceed.

For install Go / Mandarin Basic / Reader, at the step 1, please use the link: http://reg.iqchinese.com/iqreg/OfflineReg.aspx and enter the information, including school name, your name, email, product key and machine code.

For install Quiz / Run, at the step 1, please use the link: http://reg30.iqchinese.com/reg.aspx and enter the information, including school name, your name, email, product key and machine code.

Thank you very much and we are sorry for the inconvenience has caused you. 
Dear IQChinese loyal customers,

We are sadly informing you that IQChinese will close officially since the beginning of October this year. Besides the series of Go! Chinese textbooks and workbooks can still be purchased from the Cengage Learning and also from the Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) purchasing list; all of the IQChinese multimedia products (Go courseware, Go! Traveling, Mandarin Basics, Software tools: Run, Quiz, Reader) will no longer be available in the market. Hence, related services including product registration website, after sale customer service and technical support, eTutor service…etc. will all be terminated.

Please pay special attention:
Kindly install and register the multimedia courseware or software before the end of 9/30/2017 on your computer in order for the products to be functioned permanently. As all the related IQChinese website will be shut down after 10/1/2017, we do not guarantee that the products function normally for any computer upgrade.

For Future Purchase of the Go! Chinese Textbook and Workbook, please contact:
Cengage Learning at asia.academic@cengage.com
※For the purchasing list from the O.C.A.C after year of 2018, please contact:
僑委會購贈教材清單 Or Cengage Learning.

For New Zealand and Australia Area, please contact:
Rainbow Holidays Group (NZ) Ltd at tommy@rainbowholidays.co.nz

For Free Access of IQChinese Teacher’s Club, download all the resources from:
Go100-Go800 Traditional Version: [Download]
Go100-Go800 Simplified Version: [Download]

Go Installation Guide:
For Windows OS [Download]
For Mac 10.7-10.12 OS [Download]
For Mac 10.6 OS [Download]

Software (Quiz, Reader, Run) Installation Guide: [Download]

Should there be any concern, welcome to email us at iqservice@iqchinese.com before 9/30/2017. We will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Once again, we sincerely thank you for choosing us! We wish you all the best.

Letter from IQChinese CEO, Steven Chen:



由於序號註冊機目前正在維護中,如果您要使用Windows系統電腦安裝註冊Go / Mandarin Basic / Reader軟體,請先正常開啟至軟體安裝畫面,並暫時使用「Offline Register」進行安裝,步驟如下:

[Go / Mandarin Basic / Reader軟體] Step1的連結請改點選至:
[ Quiz / Run軟體] Step1的連結請改點選至:


我們將自2017年10月起,停止營運,除了授權給Cengage Learning出版的Go! Chinese系列書籍(包括僑委會的購贈教材)還會繼續銷售之外,其他的Go系列多媒體產品以及中文學習軟件,都將下架不再販售,也將停止相關產品註冊、售後客服、eTutor等服務。
未來如有訂購紙本書籍Go! Chinese需求,請洽:
Cengage Learning
Email: asia.academic@cengage.com
※明年度之僑委會購贈教材清單,請洽詢僑委會與紙本教材供應商Cengage Learning

紐澳地區 Rainbow Holidays Group(NZ)Ltd
Tel:+64-9-3771063 Email: tommy@rainbowholidays.co.nz


教師資源網(Teacher’s Club):
Go100-Go800繁體版 [下載]
Go100-Go800簡體版 [下載]

For Windows OS [下載]
For Mac 10.7-10.12 OS [下載]
For Mac 10.6 OS [下載]

Quiz, Reader, Run工具軟體安裝手冊 [下載]



IQChinese總經理寫了一封信給每位對IQChinese支持的客戶,除了回望這十年來的感悟,更要表達的是對 各位的感謝: