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icon Introducing IQChinese

IQChinese was founded at Irvine, Southern California in 2006, the headquartered office at Taipei, Taiwan. 

The unique "Type to Learn" Method of Learning Chinese enabling it to more easily services its core marketplace. "Type-to-Learn" Chinese eliminates the "mystery" of Chinese with the familiarity of a basic computer keyboard. The "IQ" in IQChinese products is real. IQChinese Product can "speak" any possible combination of Mandarin sounds and tones in a native speaker’s voice providing the means to hear over and over subtle tonal nuances.


Mandarin Chinese Teaching & Learning Solution


Multimedia Courseware (Pinyin, Go100-Go800 Available)

-The Pinyin system: Pinyin

-The Basic Level: Go100-Go400


-The Intermediate Level: Go500-Go800

School Site License (number of students per year). School can install in language lab and the student’s computer at home.


Textbook & Workbook (Go100-Go400 Available)

Go! Chinese, together with IQChinese Go multimedia CD-ROM, is a fully-integrated Chinese language program that offers an easy, enjoyable, and effective learning experience for learners of Chinese as a foreign language.


Software Tools (Run, Quiz, Reader)

-Run: Chinese Typing Tool with dictionary and voice.

-Quiz: Chinese Assessment Tool with report.

-Reader: Chinese Reading Tool with Text-to-Speech to MP3.

Online System

Online Practice Systems (eClass and Fun)

- IQChinese eClass: an online practice system that enable your students to practice anytime; anywhere in various way.

- IQChinese Fun: an online practice system that enable your students to practice by App and also give them great challenge of Chinese vocabulary limit.

Teacher Service

Training Service

Online course enable teacher understands the methodology of IQChinese and how to actually use it in teaching. IQChinese Online Seminars free access and online community.


Teaching Resource Service

Online resources include lesson plans, teaching slides, supplementary assignments, characters’ stroke order in ppt, various word game that can be played during the lesson.