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Teaching Supplement to the Courseware and Your Class

IQChinese provides Chinese teachers varios teaching supplement to empower your teaching. Learning Tools (Run, Quiz, Reader) can help your students to apply what they learn with Computer for learning activity. eClass can let your students do homework online at home. And you can download hundreds of games, teaching slides, teaching guide to make your job easier.

dot Software Tools

Software tools

dot Online Practice System: eClass
We all know that practice makes perfect! But the teacher has to take lots of effort to prepare the practice and grade for the students. With eClass, online practice system for Go series courseware, the teacher can easily assign the homework of any level and the student can do the homework online with graded result.
dot The Teacher Resource Center: Free Membership

IQChinese prepares the following teaching resources for teacher to download. With the activity design, you can make your teaching more interactive and engaged. Some of the resources will come with the teacher’s training program to help you to design your class learning activity with computers.